The concept in a nutshell

A holistic approach to chiropractic supported by, osteopathy, nutrition, naturopathy and medical massage specialists. Our practice intends to alleviate stress and create harmony between the three defining factors of health: structure, biochemistry and emotion. Each of these is in constant interaction with the other two and must be in perfect balance to ensure both physical and mental well-being.

Structure concerns physical trauma and afflictions; biochemistry refers to nutrition, intolerances and environment; and emotion entails mental health and stability. By closely following the patient’s lifestyle and needs we develop personalized formulas to relieve vertebral subluxations caused by structural, emotional or biochemical stress.


It concerns everything that has an effect on the skeleton: ligaments, muscles, nervous system, etc. Incorrect posture, trauma and falls are some of the most common problems that make a patient prone to subluxations and pain. Our team of chiropractors, osteopaths and masseurs are here to help relieve physical distress caused by either injuries or systematic degeneration of the body. 


It represents the realm of body chemistry and physiology where nutrition, intolerances and air pollution are some of the many factors that can create an interference. To ensure the body is performing at its full potential, our team of nutritionists, naturopaths and doctors will provide solutions for any discomforts caused by chemical reactions happening inside the body. 


It pertains to emotions, stress, and all matters concerning mental stability. To illustrate this concept, think of the silhouette of a depressed person compared to that of a happy one; the emotional stance is deeply correlated to the patient’s posture. Understanding the root of the problem and relieving stress through respiratory and physical exercises allows chiropractors, hypnotherapists and osteopaths to greatly contribute to the patient’s mental health.